Smart Computing/PC Novice

Don't Forget the Memory Stick.
Sony's Tiny Digital Storage Device Works In PCs, Cameras & More
Learning Series: 50 Hot Technologies December 1999

Online Malls Offer One-Stop Shopping.
Find Dozens of Merchants & Special Services in One Location
Learning Series: Shopping & Auction Sites. November 1999

Netscape Communicator: Navigation Toolbar
Learning Series: Internet Tools. November 1999

Let Your Browser Do The Walking
You can find volumes of information about companies on the Web.
PC Novice: Web Sites. October 1999

Excel: Edit Menu
Learning Series: Using Office 2000. September 1999

Figuring the Future
Online Financial Calculators Help You Plan the Bottom Line.
Learning Series: Bank & Investment Sites. August 1999

from my time with
The Nature Conservancy

Richter, Brian D., Jeffrey V. Baumgartner, David P. Braun and Jennifer Powell. 1998.
A spatial assessment of hydrologic alteration within a river network. Regulated Rivers: Research and Management 14(4): 329-340.

Richter, Brian D., Jeffrey V. Baumgartner, Jennifer Powell and David P. Braun. 1996.
A Method for Assessing Hydrologic Alteration within Ecosystems. Conservation Biology 10(4):1163-1174.

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Simple Hydrologic Models for Use in Floodplain Research. Natural Areas Journal 16(4):362-366.

Richter, Brian D., and Jennifer Powell. September 1, 1996.
An assessment of hydrologic variation, channel changes, and ground water-surface water relationships along the Platte River, Nebraska. Final Report to the Environmental Protection Agency. 78 pp.

Short pieces:

Will cottonwoods return to the Truckee River?
Cycles*, Summer 1995

Life is precarious in this hidden wetland
Cycles, Fall 1995

A Short Guide to Macroinvertebrates
Cycles, Spring, 1996

Protecting the watershed: Roanoke River, North Carolina
Cycles, Fall, 1996

Lead article:

Variation in Hydrologic Systems: How much water does a river need?
Cycles, Fall, 1996

*Note: Cycles is (or was) the offical newsletter of The Nature Conservancy's Biohydrology Department. It is distributed to about 400 scientists and preserve managers, primarily within TNC. I wrote and edited Cycles from its inception in 1995 until I left TNC in the spring of 1997.

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